Happy Easter Videos For Kids And Toddlers To Pray In Church

By | May 3, 2022

Happy Easter Videos:- Easter day is a Christian national holiday and one of the auspicious moments of the year. According to the new testament of the Bible, it is a celebration of the rebirth of Jesus Christ after his death which occurred due to human sins. In Christian belief, the resurrection day took place after three days of the heavenly departure of the baby Jesus.

Happy Easter Videos For Kids And Toddlers To Pray In Church

Easter Day is a long series of events, which ends with the celebration of 40 days and a holy week. Easter day falls between 22nd March to 25th April every year. The date of Easter day is not always the same and, it depends on the fortnight and the shining of the moon this year we celebrate it on 22 April, Sunday with great passion and excitement.

The next historical event is the Game of Hunting games in which, people color Plastic Eggs in a very beautiful way and hide it beneath the grass or somewhere. Children have to find these hidden eggs and, they get a prize according to their performance. The Easter eggs are the symbols of rebirth and new life.

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