15+ Interesting Facts About Easter

By | May 6, 2022
  • The man who betrayed Jesus Christ was Judas Iscariot.
  • In some nations such as Germany and England children roll eggs on Easter morning- a type of game like rolling the rock away from the tomb of Jesus Christ. All together we will have the Easter big dinner.
  • More than 118 million cards will be interchanged in a year on this special day.
  • The white lily symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the so-called Eastern Lily.
  • Wearing new clothes on Easter is regarded to bring good luck in the upcoming year.
  • The first Easter basket looks like a bird’s nest.
  • On an approximation around $14.7 billion will be spent for Easter every year, with an average of $130 for a home.75% of the people will eat the chocolate bunny first.
  • The biggest chocolate bunny was created by an artist who belongs to South Africa it weighs 3 tons and stood up to 12 feet.
  • Few European countries follow the custom of burning Easter fires, which signifies fertility.
  • Jesus Christ’s blood was known as the wine and his body as bread at the time of his death.
  • Eggs were a symbol of Egyptians, Persians, Romans, and Greeks. The tradition of giving eggs on Easter started from them.
  • Over 16 million jelly beans will be eaten on this eve that is easter in the United States.
  • The event “The White House Easter Egg Roll” has been celebrated by the President of the United States and their families since 1878.
  • Giving eggs to others on this day is a symbol of rebirth in many cultures.
  • On average, it takes around 27 hours to prepare a peep.
  • Americans buy more than 700 Peeps during the holidays.
  • Good Friday is known as an official holiday in 12 United States.
  • The United Kingdom’s first chocolate was prepared in 1873 by Fry of Bristol.

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